Expatriates and assignees

Globally employed, comprehensively insured

The need for cross-border retirement solutions is rapidly increasing, and the majority of multinational organisations are able to offer their own international pension plan for their expatriate members. For cost reasons, these types of solutions are not always appealing for small to mid-sized companies who have international operations, and who are based in Switzerland.

The collective foundation PensFlex has recognised this need, and can provide a continuation of insurance cover for insured members who have an expatriate assignee status through PensGlobal.

The requirements for insurance cover with PensGlobal are as follows:

  • The affiliated company must submit an application to the collective foundation PensFlex along with a questionnaire.
  • Cover can only be given for assignees who are working abroad temporarily with an employer who is based in Switzerland, and who are subject to AHV social security.
  • 100% of the PensFlex contributions must be paid by the affiliated company.

PensGlobal for assignees – Your benefits at a glance

  • Your retirement savings process continues without interruption.
  • Your investment strategy is maintained.
  • Your insurance cover remains unchanged.
  • You will undergo a simplified health check.
  • Your risk premium rate will not change.
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