Financing your early retirement

Plan your early retirement

Many employees aim to either retire early or take partial retirement from their professional career. These goals can only be achieved if the appropriate planning and funding has been made early enough.

At PensFlex, early retirement can be achieved by the age of 58. When you make additional voluntary contributions to finance your early retirement, the contributions can be deducted from your taxable income.

The following conditions apply when financing your early retirement:

  • Financing can only take place when there are no more missing contribution gaps available.
  • Withdrawals made from the 2nd pillar in the context of financing your own primary residence, must first be paid back to the occupational fund.
  • There is a three year blocking period for these types of deposits if a lump sum payment is scheduled.

Important note:
If the working activity continues beyond the members elected retirement age, the contributions will be suspended until the effective date of retirement.

Financing an early retirement – Your benefits at a glance

  • Your financial goal for early retirement will be achieved.
  • You can select the investment strategy for your additional contributions.
  • You reduce your taxable income.
  • Your future lump sum payment is taxed at a moderate rate in most cantons.
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