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Exclusive solutions for your vested benefits

For many gainfully employed members the 2nd pillar occupational pension fund forms an integral part of the overall capital. If your employment circumstances change for whatever reason, you may want to consider transferring your 2nd pillar occupational pension into a vested benefit institution.

At PensFree, we offer access to a wide range of individual investment solutions and choice of banks, which are aligned with your risk tolerance and attitude to risk. If you have larger vested benefits capital to invest, this can be managed on a single security basis with an asset management mandate through our banking partners.

At PensFree, the vested benefits foundation has its registered office in the Canton of Schwyz. This means that PensFree can help you take advantage of lower withholding tax rates when you permanently leave Switzerland.

Who can benefit from PensFree?

  • Self-employed
  • Employees without permanent employment
  • People taking early retirement
  • Anyone permanently leaving Switzerland

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