Added value for vested benefits

An individual and tailor-made investment

At PensFree, you can transfer your occupational retirement assets into a vested benefits account. We can help you align your occupational retirement assets with your other private assets.

Through PensFree, we offer a value-orientated approach, with more freedom and self-responsiveness, and benefit from an attractive fiscal environment when you permanently leave Switzerland.

We believe every PensFree customer is individual and are able to make their own investment selection for their retirement assets.

Our core values provide the discipline of how we operate.

1) Individual

  • For larger retirement assets, we offer you the possibility of a direct investment on single-security basis.

2) Tailored

  • Your retirement benefits are aligned with your private assets.

3) Intelligent

  • When you permanently leave Switzerland, you can benefit from an attractive withholding tax rate in the Canton Schwyz.
  • Through our innovative PensFree mortgage, you can take advantage of regular and stable earnings for your retirement fund, and profit from tax deductions on debt interests.

4) Independent

  • Free banking and investment choice.

5) Value oriented

  • Interest on your earnings and dividends are tax free. Retirement portfolios are aligned accordingly.
  • Free transfer of securities to your private assets when you retire, or permanently move abroad.

6) Transparent

  • Clear and comprehensive fee structure and performance reporting.
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